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Frequently asked questions

Are all Medi Glove Disposable Gloves powder free and why should I care?

At one time, all disposable gloves came with cornstarch powder inside them. This made them easier to don and take off, and the cornstarch absorbed sweat and made them slightly more comfortable to wear for long periods.

The cornstarch on a microscopic level acted like a tiny ball bearings that helped the disposable gloves to slide on. Especially if your hands were damp. Corn starch costs very little, and this was an inexpensive way to solve the donning problem of disposable gloves.

But corn starch was not without its problems. Some people are allergic to corn. Cornstarch was sometimes linked to wound inflammation inpatients. Also, latex gloves can be in their dispenser boxes for months or years, before being used.

Overtime, the corn starch would absorb latex proteins. When the gloves would be donned, a tiny bit of that cornstarch would become airborne, and could be breathed in. This provided a very direct route for latex allergens to enter the body.

So the FDA officially banned powdered medical gloves, starting from January 19, 2017. Powdered nonmedical disposable gloves are still legal for industrial use. But Medi Glove sells no powdered disposable gloves at all. Not nitrile, not latex, not vinyl, not polyethylene.

For nitrile and latex gloves, the gloves are now manufactured with a thin coating of slippery polyurethane on the inside surface to facilitate easy donning.

So, you can rest assured that all Medi Glove styles are powder free.

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