Autoclavable Medical Grade Splash Goggles

Autoclavable Medical Grade Splash Goggles


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Anti-fog safety goggles that protect eyes from debris and splashes

  • Autoclavable (reusable) at least 35 times
  • Not autoclaved prior to delivery. End user is responsible for  autoclaving.
  • Premium anti-fog coating
  • Premium TPR  frame
  • 24mm silicone strap
  • Our splash goggles are designed to keep eyes safe from common injury hazards. The indirect vents prevent these goggles from fogging while protecting eyes against splashes, debris, and other irritants. The goggles fit over most glasses, featuring a thermoplastic rubber frame that conforms to facial contours for a comfortable fit and panoramic anti-scratch lenses for unobstructed vision. They can be repeatedly sterilized for medical and lab use, by autoclaving.